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Ocean Hill Elementary 791 Empire Blvd, 3rd Floor - Brooklyn, NY 11213 - 347-390-3190
Ocean Hill Collegiate 1137 Herkimer Street - Brooklyn, NY 11233 - 718-250-5765

Our School

Ocean Hill Collegiate Charter School (OHC) opened in August 2010 with a class of 80 students in grade 5. The school will grow one grade per year to serve students through grade 8. Following 8th grade, Ocean Hill Collegiate students will attend an Uncommon high school to continue their preparation for college.

At Ocean Hill Collegiate Charter School, we do not believe that there is a panacea that makes a school work. Nor do we pretend that what we do is "rocket science" or necessarily innovative. We work hard and use common sense because elevating student achievement and transforming lives requires constant attention to hundreds of different elements — not one, magical 100% solution but rather one hundred, individual 1% solutions.

8th graders from Ocean Hill Collegiate will attend Uncommon Preparatory Charter High School for the 2016-2017 school year.